Top 10 Digital Marketing Techniques (How to improve digital marketing strategy?)


Internet usage has soared in recent years with electronic devices providing a window to the world, and of course, great business opportunities. The online advertising space is still under-utilised by many companies, and there is still plenty of scope for reaching wider audiences and extending a company’s online presence.

Here are ten ways that a business can improve its digital marketing performance in order to make a more substantial online impact with its target audience.

1. Make Sure Your Content Is Share-Worthy
You should ensure that your company’s marketing stands out so that people take notice of it over other companies in the digital landscape. It is important to create high quality content that is share-worthy so it spreads organically and will be remembered. Using varying content to target particular segments is more effective than a one-size-fits-all campaign.

2. Take The Audience into Account
Digital and mobile marketing has experienced phenomenal growth in recent times. You should consider the audience, many who these days work from home and are isolated from family and friends. Those who create contextually relevant content and can adjust as current audience attitudes evolve, will be on track for success.

3. Ensure You Are Found
Around half the searches nowadays are by voice command, hence it is important to optimise your website content for voice search. You should also continuously manage all your directory listings, especially your Google My Business listing, as it is the first thing visitors see when they search for you.

4. Enlist A Digital Guru
New technologies continue to evolve and enhance digital marketing techniques. It is important to enlist someone in your company who is knowledgeable about digital direct marketing and task them with promoting your company’s practices in a variety of innovative ways.

5. User Behaviour Analysis
User behaviour analysis is important for long-term success. It requires analysing the ways users behave on your website and landing pages. Tools such as Google Analytics can provide actual data on important user behaviour metrics, such as session duration, navigation, and actions, etc. This data can be used to customise your campaigns for better results.

6. Focus On Generating Conversation
Facebook Messenger chatbots allow brands to build meaningful engagements with their consumers and market to them individually. The flexibility of chatbots allows you to personalise your brand and enables users to interact with your brand in an easy, yet useful way. With chatbots, you can gather information, support enquiries, book appointments and buy products and services, for example.

7. Utilise Email Newsletters
A well-written email newsletter can really differentiate between brands when it comes to drumming up more business. Email is still underutilised for relational messaging, yet overused for promotion. As the majority of newsletters are simply pitches, an informational newsletter in the brand’s voice with some personality can be highly effective.

8. Increase the Speed of Your Site
Site speed applies to more than just SEO. It is also directly related to conversion rates (CVR). Improving site speed will definitely improve CVR across channels, including paid media. Furthermore, since CVR is a key factor in Quality Score, the better it is, the lower your cost per click will be. Site speed is important for all digital marketing, especially for mobile.

9. Update Your Website Regularly
An effective way for businesses to improve their digital marketing is regular website updates. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and making regular updates to your site with up-to-date information will help drive more visitors — thereafter conversions and sales online.

10. Test Everything In A Mobile Environment
One of the most important things that can be done to ensure success is to test your campaigns in a mobile environment. This will ensure that regardless of what browser or device viewers are using, all the content will look great. Your digital platform should mirror your main website.

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