Proof That High Quality Content Is the Key to Great SEO


Strong SEO is in higher demand than ever and is one of the most in-demand marketing services amongst business marketing professionals for 2021.

Marketers are motivated to further boost their SEO as the search game continues to change, and help is always needed to stay ahead of the game. While Google regularly updates its algorithms to punish keyword-stuffers and reward quality content as it had done for the past decade, its effort continues to escalate. In a nutshell, the industry has realised that you have no option but to have great content if you want to succeed at search.

Here are some key points that prove it.

SEO Content Marketing

Research has shown time and time again that most marketers worldwide believe relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic. Never has this been more important than in the present day as e-commerce and online business continues to soar at unprecedented levels. Content creation is undoubtedly the most effective tool to boost their SEO rankings and one which no professional company can ignore as part of their overall marketing strategy.

It’s Always Quality Over Quantity

There is still a lot of misguided belief around quantity over quality. You can write a series of good blog posts but there is not much value in doing this unless you can churn out high quality content that is exceptional.

Essentially, it is important to invest a lot of time in a few really outstanding pieces as the days of tricking search engines by swamping the web with mediocre content are long gone.

You should ask yourself, if people are searching for an answer to a question or some information, would they rather find your content than anything else on the internet? Unless you can say that this is the case, it may be a waste of time publishing it.

Successful Companies Combine Search
and Content Creation Strategies As One

All successful companies involve search in their content creation process right from the start. Those who don’t take search into account until the end of the content creation process, are setting themselves up to fail.
Companies that are highly successful at SEO are significantly more likely to experience larger volumes of search traffic and search conversion growth than their competitors who pay less attention to SEO.

More Content Equated to More Indexed Pages

Companies that blog have a vast amount more indexed pages than those who don’t. As we saw earlier, this does not mean you should just churn out masses of blog posts in the hope of achieving good rankings that way. The most effective way to satisfy the search engines is to continually publish high-quality content that provides a valuable service to your audience. The more you do this, the more search terms you’ll appear way up in the rankings for. On a similar note, web pages and white papers are highly effective for good SEO.

Lack of Quality Content Hinders SEO Success

Marketers who don’t produce strong content will find that they run into problems when it comes to tackling SEO. Lack of quality content is a major hindrance to achieving great SEO success so a lot of time and effort should be devoted to achieving this end. There’s no getting away from the necessity for quality over quantity.

Some factors can be outside the control of marketers. Nevertheless, what they are able to control is regular, solid, quality content that they produce. Once this level can be achieved, good search rankings will follow.

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