How Social Media Can Help Company Recruitment


Nowadays, social media recruiting is widely spread among many companies.

Social media is increasingly being used by job candidates to find out about companies they may be looking to work for.
This kind of information can be found from friends and friends of friends who work at a particular company and also, for example, Instagram photos where organisations often showcase glimpses of their culture and life, Hence, there are various ways for recruits to find out more about a potential future employer. There are still, however, a number of companies who are not yet using social media for recruitment as part of their hiring efforts.
While a high proportion of HR managers confirm that social networking is an important tool where recruitment is concerned, many HR departments do not have social media recruiting strategies.

A good way to improve on this state of affairs is employee advocacy on social media. When used to convey certain messages about a brand, social media platforms can prove particularly advantageous for a company’s HR department. This can work in the following ways:

Attracting Talent Via Referrals

With the onset of the digital age, finding the right talent is now not so much of a challenge. News and information travel fast, thanks to the availability of multiple social media channels.
Employees’ social networks tend to include friends and other individuals who share the same interests, and perhaps, similar academic or work experience. By using social media, HR departments are able to access a pool of potential employees that might otherwise take much longer to find.

Boosting Company Efforts with Employer Branding

Employer branding is the process of establishing a company’s reputation as an employer to help attract and retain talent. Employee advocacy on social media can create a positive impact on an employer’s branding.
By sharing relevant content about their company via a social media platform, they communicate their company’s message and viewers can see how interesting and stimulating it is to work there. This has a significant effect on the way their connections perceive the company’s role as an employer.

Boosting Employee Engagement On & Offline

Communications on social media provide an engaging form of interaction, fostering relationships between people in business. This in turn, encourages social connections, making an HR manager’s job slightly more efficient offline. Research has shown that socially engaged companies are more likely to retain talent.
Social media platforms also help create a sense of community where employees have the opportunity to share content with their friends and acquaintances.
In summary, social media can be particularly useful for supporting an HR department’s recruiting and community building efforts. This is particularly evident when you consider that employees have a social network around ten times larger than the one of their company. Hence, the amplifying effects of social media are very apparent.

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